FireEye and Mandiant

FireEye bought Mandiant for almost as much as Facebook bought Instagram for. I don’t know which part of that is sad yet. What I do know is that the deal is in a space I’ve been watching very closely (cyber

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Apache Cordova

I’ve recently been playing around with Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and I love it.  It’s an incredibly easy way to get a mobile project up and running.  In my particular case, I care about having access to some basic phone

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New Product Development

We’ve been through the first four phases of your traditional new product development cycle over the last 6-9 months, which seems about right in terms of where we’d like to see the development and launch effort take us. The following

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Open Source Digital Forensics Software and Fraud Investigations

I recently recorded a trimmed down version of a presentation I gave in Prague a few months back for the LTEC 2013 conference. The focus of the presentation was on how open source digital forensics software and some trends in

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Autopsy 3 Presentation

Autopsy 3: Free Open Source End-to-End Windows-based Digital Forensics Platform from Jason Letourneau

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Stockbot v1.0 activated – focused on inter-day trading. Simple regression based trading against S+P with a heuristic that brackets using historical standard deviation from the equity’s 200 day moving average. Updating indices every hour. v1.1 will have a new bot

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Internal Rate of Return for Business Case Development

The internal rate of return (or IRR) is a great metric for evaluating business cases and investment opportunities.  It’s related to the Net Present Value of expected cash flows for an investment in that its the discount rate at which

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